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About Us

My name is Adam Dukoff. I am a travel consultant. I have been working in the Travel Industry for 1 year and my family has been in the Travel Industry for 4 years. I have traveled through many countries and states. I've combined my experience, passion and education to create dream vacations for people and their families.
Hi, I'm Randi Wexler and I love my job. I own and operate Travel Well Be Well, The Attorney Travel Network and Travel Well Strategic Incentive Solutions.

Having worked with thousands of employees participating in our programs with The Corporate Wellness Group, I quickly identified a common challenge specific segments in Corporate America face daily. Business travelers, attorneys, sales professionals and executives often said travel and entertainment commitments pose a real obstacle to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These specific challenges inspired me to open Travel Companies which prioritize the travelers lifestyle and wellbeing. Everyone has the right to be healthy no matter where they may be.

I've spent years creating engaging workplace wellness programs designed to motivate and enable people to make positive lifestyle changes that not only yield perceptible and positive results in and of itself, but which also inspire more.

For the last three years, I've worked hard to identify leaders in the travel industry which also care about the wellbeing of travelers . I've been building relationships with the hotels, resorts, destinations, DMC's and tourism boards who have developed restaurant menus, catering options, services, fitness programs, spas, in room fitness, vitamin C filtered showers, aromatherapy and pillow menus to customize stays and eliminate many of the stresses of travel.

My specialty is designing Luxury Vacations for travelers who enjoy the experience of traveling. Your trips will always include destinations and hotels which provide wellness options and active and adventurous possibilities. Immerse yourself in the culture, food and wine of each city while exploring the cities, beaches and towns on foot, by bicycle or from the backseat of your chauffeured car.

We design custom tailored vacations, business trips and incentive travel with you in mind. Our itineraries enhance your wellbeing. My expertise let’s me co-design exclusive business, meeting and incentive travel experiences which support body, mind & soul and enhance time, sales, productivity & health.

You can find me in New York City and South Florida throughout the year. I'm the proud mom of three incredible children and a Wheaton puppy. My interests are varied and include traveling, wine, tequila, biking, functional fitness training, concerts, hiking, dark chocolate, cooking, sunshine and spending time with friends and family.

I operate both businesses from coast to coast and love my job! I believe wellness is a pivotal foundation to success. Wellness is interconnected not compartmentalized so whether your commuting to work or flying across the world....Travel Well, Be Well :-)
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